Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

TIn July of 2014 the church moved away from the committee model of governance, instead creating three core teams:  Missions, Gifts and Finance, and Fellowship and Growth. The hope was to encourage all members and friends of the church to use their particular gifts in volunteering to take on projects or causes dear to them, be they short-term ad-hoc events, or long-term projects. Later, the Fundraising Team was formed, relieving Gifts and Finance of the responsibility to plan and staff fundraising events.

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns for any of the Teams, the Deacons or the Council please feel free to use the contact form below and the appropriate person will be in touch soon.

Our Annual Report for 2022 is available here.

Missions and Social Justice

• Light of Service • Mission Trips • Social Justice

Green Team

Responsible for encouraging care of our planet and the beautification of church grounds.

Gifts and Finance

Responsible for: • Properties, buildings, grounds • Investment advisory • Budget and Bookkeeping • Personnel • Revenue Stream including Pledges and Bequests

Fellowship and Growth

"Encouraging spiritual growth through building relationships with God, self, church, community and the world"

Responsible for: • Opportunities for community fellowsihp and fun • Emcouraging personal and spititual growth through a variety of group activites • New members and membership growth • Music for worship and other settings • Education • Publicity and Advertising


"The Mission of the Deacons, individually and collectively, is to serve - however, whenever and wherever possible to make evident God’s kingdom on earth - understanding that we, along with many others are called to be the hands, feet, face, voice and heart of Jesus in this church, community and world."

The Deacons cooperate with the Minister to deepen the spiritual life of the church and community, sharing with the Minister the responsibility for the nature and character of the services of worship. They assist in preparation and administration of the sacraments., and visit and care for the needs of our community. The Deaconate also care for the needs of the Pastor and the Pastor's family.


The Church Council conducts the work of the church, reports to the congregation and brings to the congregation matters for church-wide consideration. In financial areas, it may alert the church to any proposed expenditure, although those over $20,000 must be submitted to a vote of the church. The Council members include the Moderator, Leaders of the four Teams, the Clerk, Pastor, Director of Community and Creativity and Minister of Music. There are also two at-large Council members from the congregation.