Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

“Epiphany as a force liberates us from our tendency to take so much for granted. This taking for granted is especially problematic when it comes to people.” 

Our apologies for the lack of sound during the Deacon Welcome and Opening Prayer due to technical glitches. The text of that is shown below.



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Epiphany Sunday 1/9/22 Deacon Welcome and Opening Prayer

So here we are again, all of us watching this service without gathering, without being together. Wherever you are watching, we wish you all the peace, hope, love and joy of Christmas throughout this year. We pray that one day, hopefully soon, we will again be gathered, shaking hands, hugging, singing out loud and laughing – together. But for now, stay warm and be safe.

Please bow you heads for an Opening Prayer.

God of all heaven and earth, on this Epiphany Sunday we stand amazed at both the vast beauty of the night sky and at the intimate nature of your love for us, your children.

Be our star, guiding us in our search for kingdom love and justice. May we seek to follow your truth-light in all that we say and do, forever trusting, hoping and believing in your goodness.

Lift our eyes to see your eternal life-light brightly shining, and grant each of us our own personal Epiphany that we might know with assurance that you are just who you say you are, here with us and in us, loving us forever and leading us home.



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