Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Igniting Ministry Together (IMT)


Our church and the Southern New England Conference of the UCC have been engaged in a pilot of the IMT program. For the past several months representatives of the conference have come to some worship services, team and council meetings, bible and book studies, fellowship times, mission outreach programs and our leadership team retreat. Now we are entering a new phase of the project. A volunteer team from our church and the Conference representatives are meeting together to discuss the results of these visits – what they have learned about and from us, and what we might learn from the experience of the Conference staff and other churches. 


From left to right: Ginny Eckert, Kelly Kandra Hughes, Ayrslea Denny, and David Torrey from the church,
Michael Siba from the Conference, Pastor Erick and Maryilyn Harrginton from the church
and Suzi Townsley and Charlie Kuchenbrod from the Conference.


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