Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT


Along with many other events in Connecticut and around the country there were two local events last Saturday in honor of June 19th, the day more than two and one half years after the Emancipation Proclamation that the former slaves in Galveston, Texas learned they  had been freed. 

In  Connecticut five communities, including Torrington unveiled Civil Rights Murals. They were were organized by CT Murals together with community partners, and feature words and people selected by residents. Coming down East Main Street to the center of the Torrington, you can’t miss the mural on Water Street. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., poet Amanda Gorman and Torrington native and abolitionist John Brown are featured. “John Brown is beloved figure, we’re very proud to have him,” said Steph Burr, executive director of Northwest Connecticut Arts Council. “But it also was a signal to white allies that this isn’t just a movement that needs to be executed by people of color. This is everyone’s movement to help work toward equity.” 


Even closer to home, Norfolk Native Serena (Sinclair) and Enoch Agbeli presented African Dagomba Music. Enoch is a native of Ghana, where he and Serena met while she was studying African Music for her Master’s Degree. Their joy in this music is obvious and delightful to watch.


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