Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Camden NY Workcamp – starting next weekend

This picture, from a previous Youth Workcamp to Camden exemplifies the kind of help that our team offers to the folks in Camden.  Many of the residents there live in mobile homes or homes in desperate need of repair. This community typically gets 23 feet of snow each winter, and one of the common projects is to build peaked roofs about the current flat roofs on which all that snow can accumulate, requiring frequent roof shoveling to avail leaks or collapse.

Each participant needs to raise over $200 to make this trip. This is important work which all of us can support by buying a $25 Share in the workcamp. The form can be found here. Fill it out and bring it to church this Sunday (or send to the office) with a check. Let’s send off the team with our love and support!



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