Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

A Most Generous Gift

Suzanne Van Orden Mount’s family has delighted us with the gift of a large and beautiful Macomber loom, which is in the Loom Room and will be dressed soon and ready for people to weave baby blankets. See below for more about this Suzanne and her loom.



Suzanne Van Orden Mount (1935-1985) loved her big Macomber Loom and used it in the 1970’s and early 1980’s

A skilled weaver, she used the loom for plain weaving, twill, lace, color and weave, double weaving, and hem stitching. She wove scarves, baby blankets, place mats, blankets, and made clothing out of her handwoven fabric including a big wool cape modeled after those worn by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation.  She worked creatively with many different fibers and she even spun and knitted mittens using her dog’s fur!

Although Sue worked primarily as an elementary school teacher, at one point she had her own weaving business called “Bay View Designs.”

She used the Macomber Loom often until she was diagnosed with leukemia in 1984.

Sue attended a Quaker school while growing up, was active in herlocal Quaker meeting, and had an interest in social justice issues. Therefore, she would be happy that her beloved Macomber Loom is being used both to teach new weavers and for social justice projects.

Sue loved many textile arts including: weaving, spinning, knitting, sewing and using natural dyes. She was actively involved in her weaving and spinning guilds, and participated in summer fair sheep-to-shawl contests, often taking home ribbons.


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