Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Praying Over Prayer Shawls

“A more tangible thing, in the midst of this pandemic, is I want to ask for a favor. Many of your churches have had sewing ministries, or you’ve had folks who knit. So I want to ask you to send to our Conference offices either in Framingham or here in Hartford, prayer shawls,” said Rev. Darrell Goodwin, the new Executive Minister of the (also new) Southern New England Coference of the UCC. At almost the same time two bags full of beautiful prayer shawls were delivered to the church by an anonymous donor. So the Deacons prayed over them and are delivering them to the conference as requested, meeting with Rev. Goodwin. May they cover Rev. Goodwin and the conference staff in God’s love, spirit and grace.


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