Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Norfolk Land Trust
(This Week’s Light of Service)

In keeping with our April Light of Service theme of Earth Care, this week we are supporting the Norfolk Land Trust.

The Norfolk Land Trust (“NLT”) was created in 1982 to encourage the preservation of natural heritage and open space in Norfolk, Connecticut. Committed to high standards, the Trust is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote the conservation of Norfolk’s natural resources for future generations.  These resources include pristine water courses, beautiful wetlands, meadows and woodlands, and the plants and animals whose habitat it is. NLT is interested in helping preserve tracts of land which support conservation, recreation, scenic and local historical and cultural values.  To date NLT has protected more than 4,000 acres of open space with conservation easements.  These easements have preserved valuable environmental areas while leaving the property on tax rolls.  The Trust through generous gifts, government grants and innovative financing, has also acquired several parcels of land, including the most recent addition of 311 acres once belonging to the Girls Scouts, 208 acres off Winchester Road (known as the 1482 property) ,  24 acres in Robbins Swamp in North Canaan and 94 acres on Riggs Hill in South Norfolk.  These acquisitions help maintain a north-south wildlife corridor and have enhanced NLT’s extensive trail system.

This picture of Norfolk’s Killarney Bridge by Heath Hughes of Diverse Eye Photography appeared on the Land Trust’s website. This abandoned stone arch bridge is located in Barbour Woods.

When donating please specify “Land Trust” in the notes/memo area of the form.


Picture by Heath Hughes – used with permission.

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