Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Sesame Street Revisited


Remember the game? Well – “two of these things are not like the others.” About 20 years ago, 5 Maples were planted in a row along the street in from of the church and chapel.  It was not known at the time that 3 of them were native Sugar Maples, but the other two were invasive Norway Maples. Sugar Maples support over 200 native insects and caterpillars, which are the the bottom of the food chain for just about everything. Norway Maples, not having been here for the many, many years it takes to establish a close relationship with our native bugs, support less than 10. And one of those is the extremely invasive Asian Long-horned Beetle, responsible for the destruction of tens of thousands of trees in some of our major cities (fortunately not in Connecticut). Norways are also extremely prolific, spreading rapidly and crowding out native trees. We will be removing the Norways and replacing them with Sugar Maples in accordance with a request from the Norfolk Conservation Commission which is doing this work in other areas of town.

Hint: The Norways have the orange ribbons around them.



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