Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Environmental Defense Fund
(This Week’s Light of Service)

This month’s Light of Service theme is Earth Care. This week we support the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

The EDF creates lasting solutions to environmental issues by bringing the right problem-solvers together, thereby seeing the challenges more clearly, and take action in ways that endure. For more than 50 years the EDF has been pioneers, using science and different perspectives to make the environment safer and healthier for us all.

The EDF began in 1967, as a scrappy group of scientists and a lawyer on Long Island, New York, fighting to save osprey from the toxic pesticide DDT. Using scientific evidence, our founders got DDT banned nationwide. Today, EDF is one of the world’s leading environmental organizations. In the U.S., Fortune magazine called the EDF Board one of the country’s most influential nonprofit boards. EDF is also one of the most highly independently rated charities. The picture below, from their website, shows their key areas of concern.

Visit the EDF Website to learn more, then come back an make your donation.

When donating please specify “EDF” in the notes/memo area of the form.


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