Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Christmas Eve 2020 – A Drive-Through Sight and Sound Experience

Anytime between 5 and 8 PM on Christmas Eve we welcome you to our Christmas Eve Drive-Through. As shown on the map below you will enter from Mountain Road through Yale’s Gridley Gate where  some of our elves will greet you. Then follow a well-defined path lit by luminaries and other decorations as you tune your car radio to the specified FM station to listen to Christmas carols by the church choir and Christmas readings. Please drive slowly and do not leave your car. 

As you approach the back of Battell Chapel you will have an opportunity to drop off your Reverse Advent Calendar donation for the Norfolk Food Pantry. If you have participated in that, please place a box with the food in your car’s trunk and “pop” the trunk or have it unlocked for other elves to take it from your vehicle and bring it into the Chapel.  When you have done that, or if you just wish to continue though, drive slowly around the Chapel and exit onto Route 272 across from the Village Green. 

The radio broadcast lasts about 20 minutes. Feel free to park on the side of the green across from the church and continue to listen after you finish your drive-through. Or you can continue to listen at the ball field parking lot on Mountain Road. Or you are welcome to loop around or come back later and drive through again!

Sometime before Christmas Eve you may also wish to come place an ornament on our Blue Christmas Tree in memory of a loved one you will miss this holiday season. Or help us decorate our special treat for our feathered friends – a tree decorated with edible trimmings. Here are some suggestions.

Although we are sad to not have Christmas Eve inside the Church this year, we are excited about these plans and want you to know that we wish you a blessed Christmas and bright hope for 2021!


Map art by Nancy Herzig

Christmas Eve 2020 MAP – PDF Print