Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

“So the language that Paul uses is a little on the dramatic side. He’s talking about warfare and he’s talking about weapons. I might be more inclined to talk, in conversational terms, less about warfare and weapons and more about tools – for living. Like a tool belt, or box, whatever image works for you. He is describing things that we might use, things that we might call upon, gifts from God that we might make use of in our daily living, which at times is like at least a struggle, if not like warfare, and we need them. Truth, faith, peace, righteousness, salvation – all of them very lofty, strange sounding, churchy words, that really have everything to do with God’s desire for us to be strong. Not on our own, not booted out, tossed to the wolves, but strong in our connectedness to God, able to draw upon the gifts that God has give us. Love, and ability to look around at the world and be in awe at our oneness.

And so, my friends, may it be so. May it be so for us, may it be so from us. From God, who is strong and wants us to be strong. Not perfect! But strong – that strength for the way.”

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