Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT


(formerly known as Sunday School)      

–  Sundays during worship

–  Located downstairs in the chapel.

Each month we introduce a different Bible-centered theme,
and each week we  learn together in a different way.

Explore, Express, Serve, Worship

May the joy and love we share here RIPPLE out into our community and indeed the whole world.

Parents should bring children to Battell Chapel BEFORE the 10 am worship service, and should come to the classrooms for them promptly after the service. Registration is required.

 YOUTH & ADULTS – Share your specialty and spread your light present at Ripple!  Lead a hike, share your joy for cooking or something else!  (In addition to you, there will always be two “Core Teachers” present). Examples? Some presenters have included a person who raises chickens (yes, the chickens came to Ripple), a piano teacher who led us in songs from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”, and a movement instructor and choreographer who led us in warm ups, showed us some steps, and helped us create a dance accompanied by Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me”. Great fun!



Ripple grew out of the summer 2016 program “Summer Jam” for the same age group. The picture above is from an August 2016 “Summer Jam” session.

We welcome all children to join us.

To REGISTER your children for Ripple, ask questions or if you are interested in being a “Core Teacher” or a “Spot Light Volunteer,” please see Meaghan Hinchey (Director of Christian Education) or use “Contact Us” below.