Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

A New One!

Our dear friend Eve Thew fell at home early Thursday morning and was taken to the hospital by our volunteer ambulance. X-rays revealed a broken hip and she underwent an emergency hip replacement, which was completed late yesterday afternoon. When I called husband John at the hospital last night to find out how things were, and what kind of surgery she had needed he responded, “I’ll let her tell you.” And she did. “I’ve got a new one,” she said, “I shattered it!”

At a visit one day later in her hospital room she responded to our question of “How Are  You?” with a typical (and truthful) repsonse – “Remarkably well!”

John and Eve recently accompanied Pastor Erick and Kelly Kandra Hughes to the first Southern New England UCC Conference in Worcester, MA. They are shown here preparing to enter the conference center. Still holding hands at 92 years old and 70+ years of marraige.

Update:  It turns out that Eve broke her femur (leg bone), not her hip, and her surgery was to repair that bone with a pin rather than a full hip replacement. Eve returned home less than one week after her fall, and is doing well. Around here we call her the “Engergizer Buuny” – she just keeps on keeping on.

Photo by Kelly Kandra Hughes


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