Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Maker Space – Looming Large

One of the highlights of the Norfolk Net Maker Space being built on the bottom lever of Battell Chapel is the weaving looms of Colebrook’s Alesia Maltz. The picture shows only one, with Alesia weaving a small hug blanket to be delivered to a refugee child at the southern US border (see more below the picture).


You can join us to help weave, knit and crochet hug blankets (Mantas del Abrazo) for children on Tuesday July 30th, 9am-3pm, Wednesday July 31, 9am-3pm and Saturday August 3 from 10am to 1 pm (during WIN – Weekend in Norfolk). Every inch helps, and no experience is required Alesia will be at the Maker Space in Battell Chapel to show people how to weave these blankets.
Children who have been released to a refugee shelter, after having just crossed the border into Texas, are being greeted with these small blankies accompanied by a tag that says:
                    Mantas del Abrazo (Hug Blankets)
Love, From,(the maker'(s) first name)
This is an informal “friends and family” outreach of compassion, the inspiration of Florie Gilbard of California. The blankies are hand delivered by Florie’s friends. The blankies are 15″ x 18″ so they won’t drag on the floor. They are made of acrylic, so they can be readily washed. Yarn donations are being accepted at Battell Chapel, for the project.

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