Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Haydn’s “The Creation”

The 31-piece orchestra prepares for this afternoon’s concert as the chorus begins to assemble in the balcony.  Over 60 choristers and instrumentalists have paid their own way from France to join the Salisbury Sinfonietta and the choirs of our church and the Salisbury Congregational Church for the performance. Despite late busses from New York City and the threat of icy roads the Salisbury church is packed, the music beautiful and the sound  incredible.

Our thanks to the following for a most magnificent concert.

Jack Bowman, Salisbury’s Minister of Music and the Conductor of the Salisbury Sinfonietta
Dominique Fanal, Conductor of the Sinfonietta de Paris and the Le Mans Concerts Symphony
Liz Allen, our Minister of Music
Michele Girard, Managing Director of Le Choeur de Limours
Soloists Andrea Bargabos (Soprano), Cameron Smith (Tenor) and Jack Brown (Bass)
Members of the Salisbury Sinfonietta, the Sinfonietta de Paris and the Le Mans Concerts Symphony, the combined church choirs and Le Choeur de Lemours.

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