Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Memorial Day weekend 2017

With the famous 1968 Apollo 8 “Earthrise” photo on display, Pastor Erick quoted Syrian Astronaut Muhammed Faris who travelled with Russian cosmonauts to the Mir space station in July 1987.

“Those seven days 23 hours and five minutes changed my life. When you have seen the whole world through your window there is no us and them, no politics.”

Formerly from Aleppo, Syria, Faris now lives in exile in Turkey, and works for the benefit of his fellow refugees. A more current quote:

“My dream is to sit in my county with my garden and see children play outside without the fear of bombs. We will see it, I know we will see it. It’s not religion and weapons that will solve this, it’s hope.”

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