Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), Norfolk, CT

Turtles on a Log

Pastor Erick started his sermon this morning by saying, “One of the things that gives me permission to stop in my journey of life is turtles. There’s a little pond on my way to Goshen with turtles on a log – and I love it!” What do turtles have to do with Pentecost? Well, Pastor Erick quoted Brian McLaren, “I don’t know why I’m fascinated with turtles… Someone once told me they are an icon of active faith, they never get ahead unless they come out of their shell and stick their necks out.”

Although this photo of not of that East Goshen Road Pond he described – this photo was taken at the Long Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Barnstable, MA on Cape Cod – this scene did stop me in my tracks.  And lately I have been on that same East Goshen road frequently, and one time I stopped on the way home to show my grandson, what I had seen on the way out… that same log, in that same pond, on the same road, and probably many of the same turtles described this morning.


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